Essay on Police Brutality By Jonah Larsen

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Police Brutality
By: Jonah Larsen
5th period

Police Brutality is a very common issue in today’s world. Police Brutality is defined as the use of force and all kinds of abuse by the policeman towards the victim, which often leads to severe injuries or in some cases, death. There are many types of police brutality. Some types are physical force, sexual assault, searching without a probable clause, implied violence, and racial profiling. Since a long time ago, the “police” were known as knights or warriors in a kingdom or village. At that time, police brutality towards the common people was not a surprise, but today we live in a civilized society and people’s rights are supposed to be protected and respected. Unfortunately, some police officers don’t know that using brute force without a probable clause is a big “no no”.

The use of excessive physical force is one type of police brutality. The term excessive force is different in certain situations. Officers are allowed to use force if a situation allows it to be ok. However, police officers are expected to use the amount of force that is justified in the situation and to prevent or inhibit a suspect from fleeing or to avoid anyone from being physically injured or killed. If an officer uses force that is essential to get custody of a suspect or to prevent injuries or killings then the officer may be guilty of using excessive force. Some common examples of excessive force include:
• Using a weapon against a person who does…

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