Poetry Is A Form Of Literary Art Essay

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Poetry is a form of literary art which utilizes many means of delivering meaning, advancing plot, and revealing important information to readers, leading them to conclusions and hiding suggestions within the poem. As a result there are many poems whose meanings can be more quickly or completely realized by examining some of the less immediately apparent elements of the poem, especially structure and sound. Poetry is primarily an aural form of expression and as a result much is expressed through language and the manner it is spoken. An especially important element of the auditory side of poetry is meter, which is the rhythm and emphasis with which words are spoken. By placing emphasis on certain words a poet is able to reveal information and meaning through the way the poem sounds when spoken. An example of this is Shakespeare 's “Sonnet 18” which reveals much of the author 's true intentions and feelings through the iambic structure of its lines. Additionally, Robert Browning 's “My Last Duchess” reveals much of the speaker 's feelings and personality traits in a similar manner. Finally, the sonnet “Ozymandias” by Percy Shelley gives perspective and emotion in the rhythm of the piece. These three poems strongly demonstrate the use of meter to reveal information and foreshadow events within the very structure of the poem. William Shakespeare 's “Sonnet 18” is a classical fourteen line English sonnet written in iambic pentameter, a very common rhyme scheme to poetry. “Sonnet…

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