Pit Bulls Are Not Dangerous Essay

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Many people have a common misconception about pit bulls. The stories in the news about pit bull fighting or someone being attacked by a pit bull, paints a one sided picture in the minds of those watching. The pit bulls are the main focus of the story, instead of the people that abused them or breed them for fighting. Pit bulls themselves are just like any other dog, when it comes to a pet companion. Though many people may argue that pit bulls are inherently dangerous, with a little research and understanding the truth about pit bulls is quite clear. Despite what some people think, pit bulls make great pets because they are smart, loving, and loyal. (Babcock, P. WebMD)
It is unfortunate that some of the first words to come to mind when someone brings up the subject of pit bulls are; fighting, violence, attack, or death. Some people find it entertaining to breed and raise pit bulls for fighting. The condition and method in which these beautiful animals are bred in are cruel and extremely hostile. This upbringing would cause any breed of dog to become violent, along with just about any other animal, humans included. But even though these dogs are forged into what some people would call “killing machines”, many of them when rescued and rehabilitated make wonderful pets. With the right state of mind and attention to behavior, these abused dogs return to the incredibly beautiful animals they were meant to be. Pit bulls are the progenies of English bull baiting…

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