Perspectives of Development Essay

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From theory to reality

Table of Contents Introduction 1 What is Development? 2 General approaches to development 4 Dimensions of development 5 Economic Development 5 Human Development 6 Sustainable Development 7 Territorial Development 8 Western Definition of Development in Practice 8 Conclusion 10 Works Cited 11

Perspectives of Development
When the concept of international development was initially developed in the post-World War II era, the countries of the First World had 65 percent of the world’s income with only 20 percent of its population, while the Third World was home of 67 percent of the world’s population but had only 18 percent of its income. People
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It includes a broad range of disciplines and works to improve the quality of life of people around the world. It includes both economic and social development and consists of many issues such as humanitarian and foreign aid, poverty alleviation, the rule of law and governance, food and water security, capacity building, healthcare and education, women and children’s rights, disaster preparedness, infrastructure, and sustainability.
This article will explain different definitions of international development taking different viewpoints.

What is Development?
In general terms, “development” means an “event constituting a new stage in a changing situation” or the process of change per se. If not qualified, “development” is indirectly proposed as something positive or desirable. When referring to a society or to a socio-economic system, “development” usually means improvement, either in the general situation of the system, or in some of its constituent elements.
Development has various connotations. The meaning a particular person attaches to the term depends on his subjective view of the world. Indeed, the meaning of development is not only a product of the individual's perspective but also of the particular period in time when the word is being expressed. Thus, in order to understand the various theories of development, one must place them in a historical context. (Conteras, R 2003:1)
Sapru.R.K (2002:3) noted that the concept of development is

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