Essay on Personal Views On Political Issues

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Individual political issues are sorted around multiple influences in which the individual is greatly shaped. My personal political views are products of my experiences and the ways in which those experiences were produced, from family views, media outlets, education and the instructors who taught each course. It is form these areas that my views on issues in the political area have come about and continue to be shaped.
Modes of Personal Influence
Personal views largely start with domestic influences, such as parenteral attitudes regarding civil issues or major events. My experience was largely religious ideologies on civil issues such as well fare, gay marriage and presidential nominees (mostly in favor of conservative nominees). The religious upbringing attempted to install with in my character a view of liberal aid to those in need, the “traditional” views of marriage in that gay marriage was not to be supported, and that conservative nominees were themselves religious and in turn would also see to church supported actions on government actions, however. Though these were the views of the church, my personal opinions did not completely reform, in fact I chose to disagree with these views and took up a more liberal attitude concerning these areas. I agreed with the need for increased welfare support and reform but largely disagreed with gay issues. I believed that conservative nominees were to party intergraded and subcome easily with super PACs and other…

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