Personal Statement On Spiritual Warfare Essay

1037 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
In times past, we learned many strategies to conduct spiritual warfare. What happened and what is happening in the body of Christ, Satan is using these same weapons against us to defeat us by wearing us out through perverting our warfare strategies. What used to be a joy to defeat our enemies with our new spiritual weapons as babes in Christ, has turned into a misuse and abuse of those weapons along with a drudgery of war that never ends. We became so warfare oriented, we forgot Jesus is our Prince of Peace. What happened to our peace? What happened to our joy? What happened to our abundant life? In my ministry experience, I see more depressed Christians than I see happy, joyful Christians. How can this be? I believe because Christians become weary in their battle against spiritual forces. Something has become mis-aligned. Spiritual attacks are at an all-time high. If it wasn 't so, we would see quicker and more efficient answers to prayer and we wouldn 't see as many depressed and defeated Christians. My question is, “What in the world is going on?” How is it we are losing our family members, our children, our homes, our jobs, our health and even our sanity to the powers of darkness? We are giving Satan too much power and authority in our lives. The fruit of our lives proves it.

Many Christians have lost hope. This lack of hope causes apathy and complacency in the Church. They simply do not have the fervor they once had when they first believed. They became…

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