Personal Statement On Physical Activity Essay

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Physical Activity
According to SuperTracker, on the website, my total number of moderate intensity equivalent minutes was 420. The exercise that most of these minutes consisted of was walking at a moderate pace of about two and a half miles per hour. The rest of the minutes were due to walking up the nine flights of stairs in my residence hall. Walking is my main form of physical activity because living on a large campus requires a lot of time to be spent walking between buildings. I live on the west side of campus, and I tend to make two or three trips between the two sides of campus each day. Living farther from my classes helps me incorporate walking into my schedule and typically gets me to about 7,000 or 8,000 steps per day. However, I usually spend about fifteen minutes walking to class, one way, which takes a lot of time and leaves less room in my schedule to go to the fitness center to do other workouts. The main limiting factor that affects how much walking I do is weather. I currently walk everywhere I go, but during the winter I will need to take the buses more often and will have a harder time reaching my goal of 10,000 steps per day. Additionally, my number of steps is always really low on Fridays because I only have two classes which are located in the same building, so I’m not walking around campus very much. On days like this, I should go to the fitness center or the field house to make up for the loss of steps that I would normally get on other…

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