Personal Statement : My Personal Communication Goals Essay

1345 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
With it being the end of the semester, I am able to look back and reflect on the academic and personal efforts I have created in order to enhance my interpersonal communication skills. Ultimately, I was hoping to become a more involved listener, improve sustaining healthy relationships and maintain a stress-free lifestyle. … After completing the pre-assessment and the goal progress reports, I was able to successfully reflect back on the improvements I have made this semester. Because of this assignment, I learned that people believe that I easily get distracted by things going on around me while listening, which one can find rude or disrespectful. Because of that, I made sure to fix this. While listening, I have upheld an open body language incorporating eye contact and nodding my head in agreement allowing myself to stay engaged in the conversation. One concept within the textbook that is relevant for my personal communication goals came from chapter 6, which focuses on nonverbal communication. On page 158, the text explains the eight different types of nonverbal cues that help individuals improve on their interaction. I believe that out of the eight cues, kinesics were the most helpful in achieving this goal. Kinesics focuses on different movements and gestures of the body such as eyes or even facial expressions. As I continued learning about this concept, the more affective it was while I interacted with others. The nonverbal cues were extremely useful for me because…

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