Essay about Personal Statement : David Bosch

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David Bosch, considered to be a foremost mission theologian, presents thorough scholarship drawing upon a vast number and breadth of sources, covering the entire chronological scope to the present era of NT church history from a "emerging ecumenical paradigm of mission" perspective in an amazingly compact fashion. The epochal treatment of missions by Bosch is notable, also in it’s scope from Primitive Christianity, Hellenistic period, middle ages Roman Catholic, Reformation, Modern Enlightenment and finally the Ecumenical.

Strengths and Weaknesses Bright flashes of hope exist when I read orthodox theology stated in a fresh way from Bosch as when he states that the NT is both a mission history and a mission theology. I think this is wonderful, reflecting God’s nature 1Tim 2:5, with the stress on mediator, the growing believer has a deepening passion for missions. Particularly vivid is Bosch’s mission connection through Easter, p.40 “proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor”, where the love of God is interpreted as the love of neighbor, exemplified in Christ at Easter giving missions it’s self-definition and identity.

"A God-centered theology has to be a missionary theology" –– John Piper
There are other rudimentary concepts, such as believing interpreted as following and understanding Jesus through our active commitment and deeds. This reflects Jam. 2:18 which fits in perfectly with what should be our imperative to Make Disciples! as Bosch describes as the aim of…

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