Essay on Personal Reflection

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Personal Reflection Christopher Davis
January 21, 2015 Karin Detweiler

Personal Reflection In this course I learned that having commitment brings out our true potential because it motivates us to give our best, overcome obstacles, stand up even after failures, and that my soft skills are more valuable than I realized. Though I have been through this course once before at a different college, when I earned my Associate’s Degree we didn’t do a lot of research because it was a technology school. I was surprised by how much prospective employers look at your soft skills over your knowledge. What
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He then said to me “When you are ready to come join me in the office instead of always being in the field just let me know.” That totally made me say going back to school and furthering my education is going to be well worth the battles and sacrifices to achieve success.
I believe that everything that I have learned in this class will help me become a better student and strengthen me as a more valuable prospective employee to my boss or future bosses. Effective integration of soft skills into the business curriculum can help students obtain and retain employment in the twenty -first century workforce (Glenn, 2003; James & James, 2004; Perreault, 2004; Wilhelm, 2004). My goals for the future is to keep polishing my soft skills and learn more that will make me more valuable person whether as employee or personally. As the words of Alice Harra, the interim director of career services at Northwestern University say "students should make time to educate themselves," (Harra 2013). Based on my learning experiences for the past few weeks, without me making time for myself to polish these soft skills I will never obtain my goals of becoming a successful employee or student. Technical skills may get you an interview, but soft skills will get you the job, and help you keep it. With the world ever changing I don’t know if I would change anything in this

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