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Professional Presentation
I believe that children are a gift from above and that we need to treat them like they are. This does not mean we let them do as they please but means that we need to education them and guide them to further improve their lives. Each and every child that God has put on this planet is unique and needs to be treat as such. There is no cookie cutter way to educate but here we take the time to get to know each child and then develop a way to educate. As we are learning I believe that we need to make it creative, fun and active this will inspires greatness.
Creating challenge so that a task goes a bit beyond what the children can already do. As an educator our main object is to challenge a child. A child will never be able to know there greatest potential unless they are pushed. I know that children like to stay in a comfort zone it is only human nature to be comfortable in what we do but just think if thing where never challenging then we would not have some of our greatest achievements. I personal love the Project Approach it is going to be my main teaching strategy when I get into a teaching role. I believe that it is not only a affective way to teach but also fun and very creative make a child want to know more. I want to help the next generation to better prepare for whatever comes their ways. I believe the best way to do this is to lay down a foundation of faith and follow that up with a solid…

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