Personal Perspectives On My Personal Perspective Essay

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My Personal Perspectives Examining yourself and your personal perspectives is very important in your everyday life and professionally. Personally, it may direct you to who or what to vote for and why you look at the world the way you do. Professional, self-examination helps reveal possible biases you have and either embrace those biases, which would help if you were helping make a policy, or controlling those biases, as you should with a client. Self-examination of your personal perspectives also helps you ensure that you are being true to yourself in decisions you are making. Five main lenses that are used to look at the world and can also be used to look at yourself and your personal perspectives are: ideology, politics, economics, social movement, and social history.
Ideology is the collection of what you believe and within what context. To me, ideology is the most important lens because it influences every other part of your life. First, it quite directly influences politics as an individual by comparing the ideologies you believe and comparing them to those of the major political parties or candidates, seeing which one you most closely align with. Secondly, it also influences your economic beliefs. Thirdly, our personal and professional ideology lets you evaluate what social movements are worth your time and energy. Lastly, ideology allows you to look back at historical movements and see whether you agree with their ideologies and methods of movement.…

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