Personal Perception of Organized Crime Essays

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime
Cherrie King
February 7, 2013
Sgt. Steven Schneider

Personal Perception of Organized Crime
Organized Crime has different meanings to different people, some people may think that it means a well thought out crime, and some people may think it means an organization that commits a crime. Everyone has their own opinion on what organized crime means. Some people may think it means a step by step crime.
How would you describe or define organized crime
This researcher thought organized crime was a well thought out crime, but it turns out there is no right or wrong answer to what organized crime means. There are so many different definitions; organized crime can be a crime like gambling. A
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Knowledge A person may need knowledge to know how to plan out a crime, and know how to have a quick comeback if needed.
A person may need lots of patience to be able to wait for what they need or want. In order to get anything in life people need to be patient, but a lot of people are very inpatient and they can’t be calm waiting for something like a person with patience.
Criminals need resources in order to get something they may need to commit a crime, like access to contact another person that may have something that they don’t have.
A criminal needs to have motivation to commit a crime, they can’t be lazy or they won’t get the crime done and if they do, then it won’t be their best work.
A criminal may need money to pay for something they might need to commit a crime. Whether it is to buy weapons, clothes, gambling money, etc. depending on the crime, depends on what the criminal may need to buy, even if its gas or food.
A criminal may need weapons to use on people that may be in their way.
A criminal may need to know how to fight, because if they don’t have weapons or if they lose their weapon, or if they just have a gun then they may not want to use all of their ammo, so they will have to know how to fight people that may be in their

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