Personal Parenting, Permissive Indulgent Parenting And Permissive Uninvolved Parenting

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Diana Baumrind has four different styles of parenting which include, Authoritative Parenting, Authoritarian Parenting, Permissive-Indulgent Parenting, and Permissive-Uninvolved Parenting. (Santrock, 2010) Four dimensions, Four styles is based on four interactions between the child and the parent such as parental control, maturity demands, clarity of communications, and nurturance, In understanding “parental control”, parents work together to enforce the rules toward the child. (Santrock, 2010) “Maturity demand” is when parents expect their children to act to their appropriate maturity level based upon ones age. “Clarity of communications” is when parents are able to communicate well with their children in order to solve problems, and voice their opinions toward one another. (Santrock, 2010) Lastly “Nurturance” is the comfort of a parent toward their child by showing physical and emotional attachment despite the situation. (Santrock, 2010) Authoritative Parenting, also known as the “ideal” choice of parenting tends to produce more well-rounded children who tend to have better personalities, a stronger sense of responsibility and independence. (Santrock, 2010) Parents who chose to the parenting style “authoritative” set higher standard for their children and expect nothing less for their son or daughter. These parents monitor the child’s behavior and use the choice of disciplinary action based upon how the child acts. While these parents are stick on their kids, the…

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