Personal Learning Style Essay examples

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PERSONAL LEARNING STYLE Who would have ever thought taking a college course would require one to learn how to learn? It is a good concept we normally undergo at a very young age. At the pre-school age one will find children learning their strength and weakness through their playtime. As adults we almost forget we have to learn how to learn to continue growth in our workplace, school, and in life. In our second week of online classes I learned strengths and weakness in my learning style with the aid of learning assessments, personality spectrums, and time management logs. In this paper, I intend to describe the various components of my learning style and outline a plan to improve my time management and study skills. A big component …show more content…
With the remaining three weeks of class, I plan to make good use of the free time I have at home for the required reading and work on assignments for the class. Study time at home will consist of me moving to another room that is quiet and informing my family of the time I plan to spend learning without interruptions. Presently I have time at work where I can login to class and read the postings and complete some of the reading. I intend to allow myself more free time in the morning, and complete more reading at home, study more of the reading and place more emphasis on the homework assignments. Learning from the assessments I completed this week I, I plan to build on my moderately developed skills and my underdeveloped skills. Increasing areas such as my Body-Kinesthetic, will more than likely enable me to be a better reader. These assessments not only describe the personality you have or you thought you had, they also provide helpful tips on study techniques. After learning from the assessment that I was an organizer and a thinker, I read the descriptions and was a little shocked at how close they hit the mark. I plan to use my organizer abilities during my studying of the reading material. In this area I intend to set aside one hour of reading time after returning home from work. During this time I will highlight areas that are unclear and at a later time, come back to those areas and go over the material again. Leaning how

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