Essay on Personal Leadership Style

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Personal Leadership Style

Rita Tyeptanar
Rasmussen College

Author Note
This paper is being submitted on July 26, 2015, for Professor De La Cruz H300/HSA3110 Section 01 Introduction to Healthcare Administration course.

Have you ever been to a job interview and been asked “What is your leadership style” and “What is your strength or weaknesses with your leadership style, and how would you improve your weaknesses”? Well in this paper I am going to go over what I feel is my leadership style, what my strength and weaknesses are and how I would improve my weaknesses. This is all very good information to know very well as you enter into a new career because when you are asked this you will be able to answer the interviewer strongly
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I am very much into doing whatever I can to help people achieve their goals or the goals of the company. I am very much a people person and love helping people out. One of my biggest weaknesses that falls into this leadership style is that I can let my emotions get in the way causing me to sometimes be a push over to some people. When looking at an effective leader that is a poor weakness to have and is something I really should change sooner then later. I know usually what is best but when I hear people’s stories about why they think it is best I tend to get very sympathetic and will bend a little, but when I become a leader someday I will have to know they right time to bend and when not to. I need to not let my emotions or sympathies get in the way of my manager role. When looking more into the democratic leadership type I feel that it fits in with the Locke’s goal setting theory. A democratic leader will get the group together to set new goals or plans and ask them what they think is best. With Locke’s goal setting theory in mind if the democratic leader has to keep in mind the goals and the guidelines to what the goal entails because based off that information the employees will determine how much effort they will put into the project to achieve the goal, if you as a leader are specific with the goal that needs to be achieved and the level of difficultly of the goal is achievable within reason you will have greater motivation in obtaining good

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