Personal Identity, Psychological, And Bodily Essay

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Anyone who asks the question, “who am I?” or “what is my purpose?” have dealt with the dilemma of personal identity. Everyone, weather they know it or not, is striving for personal identity. It may be the clothes they where, how they act, and even the people they associate themselves with. A wide array of philosophers with different backgrounds and from different eras; give there input on this question. What is personal Identity? In this essay I answer this somewhat ambiguous question. I will explain the three main views when it comes to personal identity, immaterial, psychological, and bodily. After the review of the pros and cons of each view I will explain why psychological identity is the most sound of all three theories; when it comes to personal identity.
The first theory I’m going to cover is the immaterial view. This view states that our identity lies with in our soul. Even though this may seem like its straight out of a Disney movie; Gretchen Weirob and her friends debate its effectiveness. Weirob begins this discussion after she endured terminal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Weirob asks, on her deathbed, “Persuade me that my survival after the death of this body, is possible” (Perry, pg. 313). In this sentence lies my first problem with this view. Weirob doesn’t have a clear concise essay about the effectiveness of the theory. She is just asking her two friends to debate over a topic without finding fault with in it. This is concerning given that the three…

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