Personal Goals and Strenths Essay

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{text:bookmark-start} Paper on Individual Skills and Strengths {text:bookmark-end} To begin with, I was born into a home that was strictly and unapologetically Right-Wing Republican. My father, who I should just state here and now is my first and best love, my ultimate hero, and the person I try to emulate on a daily basis, is 100% pure born Swede, a protestant, or at least he was then; he has since converted to Catholicism, and he was also one of the wildest people on the planet, bar none. My mother, an extremely amenable lady, who I also love and adore completely, is descended from Spain, France, China and Portugal was born in Nicaragua, and came here when she was seven. She was a devout Catholic, an excellent wife and mother who …show more content…
Sure enough, I then had a friend for life in Joy, only now, of course, we were both outcasts. I knew I had done the right thing, even though I was only six years old, but at least they stopped teasing her, and we were generally ignored, unless the kids were in a mean mood, then they would tease both of us. This went on for years, all through grade school, so I developed a tough outer shell, but inside, I was hurting pretty bad. Still I hung in there, and tried to be as kind as I could to every single one of my classmates. Then my little brother who went to the same school two grades behind me had similar problems with his classmates, so I sometimes had to step in and help him with his fights as well, because after all, I could say or do anything to my little brother, but woe to anyone else who thought that they could. Family always comes first was a value instilled in us by our parents. We may fight among ourselves, but united we stand! Thanks to my parents teaching me that I share very strong bonds with all of my siblings, and I am sometimes referred to as the glue that keeps us all together, because I make sure we all keep up and in touch with each other. I started developing an interest in the human services area before I actually even knew what human services was. I remember how I loved to volunteer to go to the convalescent homes to visit with the elderly and serve their meals and sing with them from the time I was a Brownie, and all

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