Essay about Personal Development Pl My Personality Trait

1000 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Prior to starting this course, I had never given any thought to a personal development plan. It hasn’t taken long to realize that in order to build a successful and happy career; everyone needs to create a plan. In taking the assessments, I have learned many things about myself. According to the Jungian Typology, my personality trait is ESFJ. I knew before taking this assessment that I have a play by the rules personality type. I take my responsibilities seriously, and I do not like to bend the rules. I enjoy the social aspects of life and desire a peaceful environment. I do have a tendency to take on more responsibilities than I can handle, and I have a difficult time delegating to others. I discovered that this personality tends to make decisions based on emotions. Upon revealing this I did not agree at first, but after digging a bit deeper within, I can see that there is some truth to this. One fact that I took away from this assessment is that I need to remember that although I feel that I am doing what is right, other people may have a different perspective due to their upbringing or their faith. I learned that what I think is the right decision may not necessarily be the case. The productivity assessment revealed that I am not as organized as I thought I was. In order to improve my productivity, organization is the key. After taking the locus of control assessment, I realized that I had never given fate much thought. The assessment gave me the opportunity to think…

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