Personal Development ( Morals And Ethics ) Essay

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Metacognitive Paper
Domain II: Personal Development (Morals and Ethics)
Domain Description Society today is very self involved. The behavior of society reflects this self involved mind set. It can be hard to strive past this wall of self centered mentality and to selflessly serve others. A good teacher has the ability to look past oneself and reach each student. Breaking the cultural standard that each individual has to fend for their own. Keeping students accountability to standards that they set for themselves and to achieve even greater expectations (2.0). The influence the world outside of individual lives can determine how a day will go for someone. Even being around someone who had a bad day can make someone else’s day bad as well. As a child growing up, we did not have this understanding that comes as we grow and learn in life. Coming to school as a young student can be a battle at time because of things out of their control can determine the amount of knowledge we receive during that day. Teachers should be able to recognize an individual who is struggling and behaving differently than previous times before. Being able to recognize this is important but not only recognizing the student’s difficulty in focusing but being able to care and nurture the student to overcome that challenge. This will further create important coping mechanisms that help the student greater than educational purposes. Thus teaching a greater lesson and helping the student emotionally…

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