Essay on Pericles ' Vision Realized : The New Acropolis

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Pericles’ Vision Realized: The New Acropolis
The original Greek Acropolis, built in Ancient Greece on a large hill overlooking the city of Athens, as seen in Figure 1, was a temple built in honor of the Goddess Athena in hopes that she would protect the city and its residents. In the years 280-279 B.C., the Acropolis is sacked and ruined by the Persians during the Persian Wars. When Pericles comes to power in 461 B.C., he rebuilds the Acropolis in order to commemorate Athens’ victory over Persia, as well as to send a message of Athens’ power and dominance to other Greek cities. First, Pericles overcomes religious and social challenges, such as the Oath of Platea to commence building the new Acropolis, he then leaves a ruined temple intact, builds a new version of the same temple, constructs the “Wingless Temple of Victory” and adorns the Acropolis with many images, monuments and statues commemorating Athenian victory over the Persians, as well as using the Parthanon, Athenian funds and monuments in the Acropolis to show the rest of Greece Athens’ new position as the Athenian Empire.
Firstly, when Pericles came to power in 461 B.C., nearly twenty years after the Persian Wars that left the Acropolis in ruins, he decided that the temples needed to be rebuilt in order to restore Athens to its former power. With the treasury Pericles claimed from Persia after its defeat, Athens certainly had the economic power needed to complete Pericles’ vision, however one obstacle lay in his…

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