Performance Measures Of An Organization Essay

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Performance Measures It is evident that nonprofit organizations need to collect information and evaluate their services on a regular basis in order to continue to attract donors and funds from foundations, government, and individual donors. Funding and donations are an important part of evaluating an organizations performance but also more important is that this information can help an organization maximize the services they provide to the communities and continue to improve their offerings.1 For most stakeholders in the nonprofit sector, measuring performance can be difficult to achieve. At the same time, there is an ever increasing pressure on the nonprofit organizations to demonstrate accountability for funds and improve results.1 As a best practice for nonprofit organizations, reccomendations are being made to establish procedures for measuring and evaluating their program accomplishments based on specific goals and objectives.1 The current accountability system which is based on the 1998 Executive Board document called “The Organization of UNICEF”, demonstrates the structures through which UNICEF assigns responsibility.2 This system was designed to improve the efforts that serve to strengthen UNICEF’s capacity to achieve results for women and children and meet the challenges of an ever increasing complex humanitarian setting.2 The accountability system that UNICEF has designed is based on core guiding principles and is present at all levels of the…

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