Performance Evaluations Essay

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MPS Group Performance Appraisal Process
Human Resource Management
October 14, 2009
Table of Contents

History of MPS Group

MPS Group Organization Strategy

Human Resources: Strategy and Role within MPS Group

MPS Performance Appraisals

MPS Group Performance Appraisal Analysis




History of MPS Group

MPS Group is a Jacksonville, Florida company that provides consulting and staffing services in the areas of information technology, finance and accounting, law, e-business, human capital automation, engineering, executive search, and workforce management. After becoming a regional power in the early 1990s, the company has
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Idea Integration doesn’t provide personnel, it provides information technology solutions like software consolidation and systems design. Beeline provides human resources management and analysis for large companies that use the services of multiple temporary staffing companies. Special Counsel serves the legal community with temporary attorneys, paralegals and experienced legal assistants (Marbut, 2009). Modis is one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of IT services and solutions. Today, Modis delivers world-class IT solutions to more than 1,000 clients in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe (MPS Group, 2009).
MPS Group Organizational Strategy MPS Group is a publicly traded company. As a result, the company is driven by gross profits, NIFO, consultant head count, etc. The focus is on profitability. The staffing industry is constantly changing. In order to best meet the client needs, MPS Group and their subsidiaries must adapt accordingly. This means the goals of the organization are more short-term oriented. The goals are typically announced in February each year and financially structured. Goals are usually one year in duration. There are no long term goals. MPS Group is in the business of temporary staffing. Therefore, goals are temporary and always evolving to best meet the market demand. MPS Group Inc. is a flat structured organization. There is no robust management

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