Pediatric Nursing : An Exciting Career With Many Opportunities

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Pediatric nursing is an exciting career with many opportunities. Some reasons one may go into the field of pediatric nursing is because of the diversity of the field. In this specialty something different every day arises because children are unpredictable. Helping save lives is rewarding but there is just something different about helping children. Kids are funny, smart, cute, innocent, and have so much to offer in this desirable occupation. Over time, society will have a greater demand for pediatric nurses. President Obama’s affordable care act is allowing more low income families to obtain affordable health insurance. When children and their parents do not have health insurance it is common for the family to not go to the doctor due to lack of funds. With the affordable health care act more children are going to be able to afford to go to the doctor therefore, pediatric nurses are going to be more in demand. In an article by the American Academy of Pediatrics it is explained that the changes in pediatric care due to the affordable health care act, “Increases health insurance coverage for children and families: expands health insurance to cover nearly thirty‐two million more children, parents, and other individuals” (American Academy of Pediatrics). The specialty of pediatric nursing came about in the later 19th century. Before the specialty, most children were delivered by midwives and care for at home with folk medicines (Taylor, 2010). Even in wealthy families, there…

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