Essay about Patient History Of Heart Disease And Diabetes

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Patient History
In April 2010, a 53 year-old male patient was admitted into the hospital for diagnostic testing. He is a cigar smoker and enjoyed an occasional alcoholic beverage. The patient is 68 inches tall and 190 lbs. He lives an active lifestyle but has been complaining of mild sweating, shortness of breath, and chest pain. The patient has a family history of heart disease and diabetes, however patient test results are negative for diabetes. The patient has had a history of heart problems. In February 2007, the patient underwent a quintuple bypass surgery because of multiple blocked arteries. In November 2009, the patient began to experience shortness of breath and chest pain. The patient visited a CareNow center, where he was diagnosed with acid reflux. Several months later, he returned because of the worsening chest pain, and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. In February 2010, chest x-rays were performed, revealing an enlarged heart almost doubled in size. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The patient underwent a cardiac stress test, which presented as abnormal. Further tests need to be performed to correctly diagnose this patient.

Diagnostic Procedures
A CT is performed on the patient to get a better look at the enlarged heart. The images reveal that the patient does not have an enlarged heart, but a large mass in the mediastinum. The cardiologist orders an MRI, which presents a 13 cm tumor wrapped around the heart. The patient is…

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