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Overweight Man Watching Tv
From what I 've seen online, so many people have given up on love. Their beliefs about dating, finding love, and even themselves have been reduced to negative, pitiful beliefs that make them throw their hands up in the air and lose hope that they will find someone. It made me wonder, is there really someone for everyone?

I try to believe that there is. I believe that everyone can find someone with similar beliefs, desires, and habits, and even if the sexual chemistry is not there right away, the love develops over time and ends up causing them to be drawn together for life.

someone for everyone qBut, what I believe is not what everyone believes. Following are a few different thoughts on the question of if there is someone for everyone, including some responses from Yahoo Answers when I asked the question there.

Love Is What You Make Of It

Phil from Understand Your Relationship had the following to say when I asked him: Do you believe that there is someone for everyone?


I think the idea of someone for everyone is not one I can believe in. I also think the concept of someone "determined to be alone" is a non-starter.

We make opportunities for ourselves in romance as in other areas of our lives. If someone sits in their home 24/7, orders in groceries, and never meets anyone, then they will be alone. If that 's their choice then it 's fine, but you have to give the Law of Attraction a chance!

There are multiple people out there that any…

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