Ourika Essay

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Ourika The book that caught my attention the most for this essay was Ourika, by Claire de Duras. It was about a black girl who was raised by Madame de B before the French Revolution had taken place. During this time period blacks were not given the right to live their lives the same as whites due to slavery. Ourika is the main character who when is born her family dies but is saved by the rich family whom she was raised by. Ourika was not considered a normal “negro” at the time because she could read and write but not only that her living conditions were never heard of to a black. This is the life Ourika had only known of until the day she overhears Mme de B’s. and marquise’s conversation. After Ourika hears the truth her whole life …show more content…
This realization of never being able to be considered the same and dealing with being entrapped is what created Ourika’s depression. A day before this she knew nothing about loneliness or how it even felt. She felt ashamed of herself full of resentment, and because of this she refused to look in the mirror or at her skin color dressing in long clothing so it could not be revealed (31). She now understood what her skin color meant to the rest of the world. Her family who raised her taught her everything she needed besides her own history. Before this conversation Ourika never had a thing to worry about because everything she ever wanted or needed was given to her. But as her eyes and mind was opening up to new things her wants and needs changed, as did her personality. The entrapment Ourika endured caused her to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself as well.
The entrapment that Ourika was facing was what helped her learn about the difference her and the family that took her in. “They visibly affected my health, yet paradoxically improved my mind” (25). She basically made herself crazy by keeping all her thoughts bottled up never expressing them. If she had expressed these feelings it could have prevented all the stress she was going through. She was holding everything in, and it was affecting her on the outside. She had

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