Original Writing Of A Correctional Facility Essay

891 Words Nov 20th, 2014 4 Pages
It’s a warm, bright Monday morning. I am walking into a stone building with barbed wire surrounding it. As I walk through the doors there is a huge metal detector in the middle of the room. Everybody that enters this room has to walk through it to make sure not to bring anything harmful into the building. With that said, I have just walked into a correctional facility. This is the Western Regional Jail, and I have made my way back to Rochelle Elliott’s office for our interview. As I enter the room, Rochelle is dressed very professionally, and she is very busy with paperwork and phone calls. By the time she has noticed me standing in the doorway I have begun to take notes on what her job was like. Rochelle very politely waves me inside to begin our interview on her career. As I sit down in a chair in front of her desk, she receives a call from a correctional officer on the other side of the building. She sorts through some paperwork and files through a couple of things as she tells me, “This is the hard part of the job, all of these unpredictable things my job call for.” She finishes her filing, and then begins to work on payroll, and many other tasks on her computer. Since she has so many unexpected aspects of her job just thrown at her, I begin to wonder why she enjoys such a hard and it takes such a huge commitment. “I love my job because I get to take care of 300 employees. I guess it 's the mother in me”, Rochelle says. And that is exactly what she does. She takes…

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