Organizational Trends Essay

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Organizational Trends
Keith Wilson
July 28, 2014
Patrick Kelly

Privatization of criminal justice has a long history in this country, driven in part by distrust of government's power and its perceived incompetence and corruptibility, and in part by efficiency and accomplishments of the private sector. While recognizing the advantages of privatization, the contributors find that the criminal justice system may not be as amenable to privatization as other government functions (Shicor & Gilbert, 2002).
Moreover, deficiencies in the contracts through which private firms take over criminal justice functions may be uncorrectable, and resumption of performance by the government in the event of market failure may
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Further, the use of wire tapping, the examination of financial and other personal records without judicial clearance, and other violations of personal liberties that were once unimaginable are no longer uncommon practices among domestic police (Hall & Coyne, 2013).
Historical and Traditional Behavior Theories
There has been a broad-based movement to improve the quality of services provided in the public sector for almost thirty years. Yet, as we began the twenty-first century, there had been an even greater call to make public agencies more efficient and effective in what they do. Criminal justice organizations were not beyond this call for change and improvement in the delivery of their services. In fact, in many criminal justice organizations, administrators had been asked to tighten their belts and provide more measurable outcomes regarding their activities. It might be said that this began with police agencies back in the early 1990s when one large police department—the New York City Police Department, under the leadership of Michael Bratton—decided to guide and inform police decision-making by collecting systematic information as a basis for the allocation of scarce resources (Stojkovic, S. 2011). 

As we experience profound changes in how criminal justice organizations perform their functions,

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