Organizational Motivational Plan Is The Next Big Thing After The Business Plan Execution

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1) Organizational motivational plan is the next big thing after the business plan execution; it assures that organization stays the course towards achieving its goals and plans. Workforce of the company is the engine that keeps it alive and moving, hence it is very important to set up employee motivational plan. With a successfully executed motivational plan organization boosts high moral in the workplace, and that leads to the appreciation of employer, thus employee also feel appreciated and needed. To build a successful incentive program management should try to focus on rewarding the activities where both; organization and individual are benefiting from. Below are six factors that are completing good motivational plan:
1. Identifying behaviors that are welcome
2. Determining goals that needed to be achieved
3. Defining and Clearly understanding what consider to be an achievement and vice verse
4. Creating a plan of actions
5. Communicating the plan to every person in the workforce chain
6. Continuous monitoring of the results and communicating results to the workforce. In the case with the Woo-Woo widget, as an owner I clearly understand that employees’ moral is low due to lack of the management effort to employ a motivational plan in place and partially my own by overlooking such an important factor of the success. 2) Case study suggest that with the increasing of sales and maintaining the same work force quality of the product started declining and all sorts of…

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