Essay about Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior
Organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in organizations (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, Chapter 1, 2008). Organizational behavior helps us to have a better perspective of an individual’s or group’s actions in a particular situation. It also helps in improving the relationships between individuals in the organization, which in turn helps in creating a friendly atmosphere among the members of the organization.
Organizational Culture
Organizational Culture refers to a pattern of behaviors shared and passed on among the members of an organization. It comprises of the various assumptions, values, beliefs, rituals, language, etc. that people in an organization share. According to Edgar H. Schein,
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Workforce diversity is the collection of members of an organization based on nationality, gender, race, religion, or age. Diversity also can be defined as the idea of individuals or groups possessing different opinions and different reactions to certain ideas in the organization. Diversity can have a positive and negative influence in an organization. The positive influence allows individuals of the organization to strengthen relationships and acknowledge each other despite their difference of opinions. Diversity also encourages respecting and accepting people in the organization. This aspect of the organization can be made stronger by teamwork and team-building activities. During this time, individuals will learn to mingle with each other and appreciate each other as well. In this way, an accepting culture and organizational behavior is established in the organization. The negative influence basically works against the direction of the positive influence ideas i.e., individuals can use their difference in opinion against each other, thus disturbing the peace in the organization. In order to avoid having an unpleasant atmosphere in an organization, diversity issues should be addressed carefully so as not to hurt or harm any member of the organization. When diversity is adopted by an organization, the organization needs to work well with it in order to contribute to the establishment, development, and growth of the

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