Essay about Organization Behaviour

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1. Define OB
2. Goal of OB
3. List the fundamental concept of OB
4. What are the key forces of OB
5. Explain how the study of the fundamental concept of organizational behavior can help better manage their people at work
6. Name the different models of organizational behavior with a description of any one.
7. Why managers need to study OB

1. Define OB

* Organisational behavior is the systematic study and careful application of knowledge about how people-as individual and as groups –act within organsiastions. * OB is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behavior within organisations for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an orgnasiation’s effectiveness.
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Here we see both Aman and Anamika have different perception about the same thing.

iii) A whole person: * Some organisations may wish they could employ only a persons’s skill or brain , they actually employ a whole person rather than certain characteristics * Home life is not totally separable from work life * Emotional conditions are not separate from physical conditions

iv) Motivated behavior
It is the behavior implanted or caused by some motivation from some person, group or even a situation. People are motivated not by what we think they ought to have but by what they themselves want.
Example: If you complete this, you will gain this.

V) Desire for involvement * Many employees are seeking opportunities at work to become involved in relevant decisions contributing their talents and ideas to the organisation’s success. * Employee empowerment---a practice that will result in mutual benefit for both parties

Vi) Value of the person * People want to be treated with caring, respect, and dignity * They want to be valued for their skills and abilities and to be provided with opportunities to develop themselves

The nature of organisation :
Nature of organisation states the motive of the firm. It also defines the employees’ standard. It defines the character of the company by acting as a mirror reflection of the company.

i) Social systems

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