Essay about Operation Management

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1. Horatio Greenough was the first American sculptor who had the passion of art who made the sculpture ‘Rescue’. The Rescue is a sculpture that was erected at the right of the Capitol steps. It signified the struggle for supremacy and achievement of culture, civilization and Christianity between the Indian and white man. The sculpture was brought down some time later to create room for the extension of the building. The rescue sculpture was removed in 1958, and it was never seen again. At a later time, the sculpture was crashed down by a tractor when being transported and the only piece that remained was the dog which is used for study purposes. The statue was rated as the most embarrassing statue hence it
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The parker dam project of reservation includes massive acres of land which includes miles of Colorado River. The tribe is administered by an executive staff whose tribal chairman is Charles F. Wood and the tribal administrator are Dr. Rita Schoeneman. The tribe has a cultural center which is a society based association that is involved in the promotion and development of the Chemehuevi tradition. The centre provides education programs where the elders and administrators support the growth of the younger generation. The cultural administrator demonstrates the spirit of peace and love which contributes to the enrichment and blessing of the visitors.
3 (b). The hearts and minds are a documentary that narrates the approach of the contrasting sides of the Vietnam War using a collection of news, films and consultations. The main theme is on how the outlook of racism in America and the military assisted in developing the war. The film also emphasizes on giving voice of the people of Vietnam and the reasons behind the fighting of the United States and western powers. The movies contemplate on the power and strength, and it won an award in the television. The hearts and minds are full of going beyond the American war and are not about the succession of the president of the United States. The major reason behind

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