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Constraints and Limitations to marketing activities
In this section of my report I will describe the constraints and limitations both legal and voluntary, that Balmerlawn Hotel and Innocent must be aware of when marketing their products and services and I provide examples. Descriptions Legal | Example | Data Protection Act 1998: This Act requires all organisations that process personal data on individuals to be listed in the register of data controllers, held by the Information Commissioner. The type of data referred to is: Information recorded or processed by computer Information that is part of a relevant filing system or forms part of an accessible record (e.g. health records, social
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The Innocent smoothie consists of whole crushed fruit and juices, but other ingredients. A smoothie also counts towards two of the 5 a day as a 250ml smoothie contains at least one portion of whole crushed fruit (80g) and one portion of juice (150ml). Innocent also makes smoothies in little bottles and bigger cartons; smoothies, fruit tubes and juice for kids; a not-from-concentrate juice range, and veg pots, a range of ready meals. The Sales of Good Act ensures that all the products innocent put to market are to the quality stated above and if they were to breach this then they could find themselves in seriously big trouble. | The Trade Descriptions 1968 is an Act of the UK Parliament which prevents manufacturers, retailers or service industry providers from applying false information relating to their products and services. It is illegal to falsely describe the products or services you sell, whether you do so verbally, advertising over the radio, television, posters or magazines. If you do so as a business you could find yourself with a criminal record. | Innocent as a whole do a lot of marketing and advertising of themselves, however when doing this they have to ensure that they are not going against the trade descriptions act. Within this they are not allowed to apply false information about their products. So when advertising themselves on the radio and television

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