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Running head: ABC Corporation Online e-Business Growth Plan

Online e-Business Growth Plan for ABC Corporation
Valerian Coutinho
Western Governors University

ABC Corporation needs a new strategy to expand market penetration and grow annual revenues. This document details some of the strategies which can be utilized to build upon the current business model. The new e-business model will help the company build on the product differentiation strategy and also enable the company to create value added dependency for the current and new customers. The e-business model can also be used to improve the company’s product branding across the globe and can be used as a stepping stone into moving aggressively into new emerging markets
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Customers drop orders within lead times, thus putting a heavy burden on Manufacturing and Distribution to deliver goods on time. In some cases, ABC has to pay premium freight to meet delivery dates or take promised orders from other customers. Most of the time, there is no traceability of order changes. And these prices are not validated and corrected before the order is invoiced. This causes a great amount of customer’s dissatisfaction and is our highest complaint from customers during yearly sales reviews. The online business model can be used to alleviate the dissatisfaction by providing customers with detailed and timely information. The website can also help with tracking of order changes along with providing timely notification to customers of order changes, deliveries, delays and price corrections.

The website can also help with our product branding strategy in North America as well as around the globe. It will help with cross selling of products and also build awareness of our product lines. Currently, our wheels customers will only buy wheels. Customers who buy drums do not buy wheels or vice-versa. Having a well-defined, intuitive website will help in cross-selling our products.

Online Competitor Analysis

ABC Corporation is a Tier 1 Supplier to commercial vehicle manufacturers, service shops, distributors and independent business fleet owners. The Online consumer model is a Business-to-Business (B2B) channel. In this B2B mode, most of

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