Essay on Online vs Retail

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The Smarter Way of Shopping
Shopping is one of the biggest hobbies in the world today. People all over the world are always shopping for the newest and most popular gadgets, new clothes, designer brands, and electronics. There are many different ways of shopping but the two most common are in store and online shopping. Although people shop using the internet and retail stores, it is very simple to see that shopping online is more convenient, faster, easier, and cheaper than shopping in retail outlets.
When shopping online you can just go sit down have a bite to eat, maybe even a little bit to drink and just get to surfing the web. There is just simply no reason to even leave your chair! This way there is no need for commuting and no
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However, most middle aged people would most likely go to a store check the item out, start to use it a little bit, or if it is a piece of clothing they would probably try it on. Which is something the average teen would not give enough effort to do. Also, most elderly people would in fact prefer retail shopping over online shopping because they simply didn’t grow up with a computer and probably would not even know how to use one.
Unlike shopping in stores online shopping also saves everyone a ton of money. For instance, online shopping websites like “”, “”, and “” are always having sales, always giving away promotional codes, and these websites do not charge sales tax and that alone is a good amount of savings. There are also websites like “” that save online shoppers a lot of money because they provide promotional codes that lead to great savings on certain websites. Shopping online also means there is no driving so gas money is being saved and with the price of gas at almost $3.50 a gallon the money being saved is substantial. Although some stores where you have to shop in person at a retail outlet have coupons the difference between savings is incomparable. Most retail in store shopping places don’t even offer coupons anymore but online you have so many different websites to select from so that many websites will offer incredible deals so that they can beat out the

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