Essay on Oilwell Case

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This would improve throughput and reduce costs simultaneously, though without displacing any employees. Based on the data Norm had seen, it appeared that the microprocessors could cut the production time by 1 percent and reduce scrap from the current rate of 1 percent down to one-half of 1 percent. However, it seemed that this might be an issue that should first be submitted to the production team in charge of rubber mixing for their thoughts on the idea. Once before, an even simpler change had been made without their knowledge and it wound up causing considerable trouble. As the traffic wound around two cars in the ditch by the highway, Norm reflected on how difficult it was to make changes at this plant with their team management process, though there were advantages too. It probably stemmed from the way the company was originally set up.

History of Oilwell Cable Company (OCC)
Originally known as the Chord Cable Company and located in New Jersey, the firm had been experiencing severe management difficulties. When acquired by new management in 1983, they renamed it Oilwell Cable Company and relocated in Lawrence, Kansas to be closer to their primary customers in northeastern Oklahoma. Their product line consisted primarily of flat and round wire and cables for submersible pumps in oil wells. The manager chosen to head up the new enterprise, Gino

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