Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck Essay

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What is a dream? Is it a well thought illusion that’s been shaped and formed into a goal that a person can achieve? Or is it more of a poisonous hypnosis, making the person believe that such an ambition could be reached one day? Everyone has goals in life. A fat lot of them have started off just young, innocent kids. Some wanted to become teachers, some doctors, lawyers, firefighters, astronauts, and countless more down a long list. However, as we take each step towards maturity and adulthood, those dreams are being tampered one by one, leaving us all with one question: “What is it that we truly want to be or have realistically in the future?” In the story, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the author recapitulates an allegory of the main protagonists’ aspiration to achieve their American dream through encountering a myriad of vicissitudes with diligence. However, within the story, every character has indulged himself too deeply believing that one day, that dream of theirs will be reached. With that notion in set, the author then uses foreshadowing and provides backgrounds for certain characters to indicate that within this world, there is a dichotomy between a frivolous fantasy and the harsh face of reality. A dream is nothing without an actuality. Therefore, once a person has taken hold of his ambition in life, he must learn how to take control of what reality could bring. Or else, why was there a dream in the first place?
Thus, that’s exactly what the main protagonists’…

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