Obligatory Duty Essay

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First of all, let me tell you that the justice of Allah Almighty is perfect justice; it does not allow for any kind of partisanship towards the male to the detriment of the female. The Qur'an makes this perfectly clear.
*{If any do deeds of righteousness,— be they male or female — and have faith, they will enter Heaven, and not the least injustice will be done to them}* (An-Nisaa' 4:124)

To put my answer in a framework, I find it necessary to make the following distinctions, especially in the area of women in Islam. There is a difference between:

1. A ‘popular’ narration and an ‘authentic’ narration. 2. ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslims.’ 3. Islamic ‘Shari’ah’ and Islamic ‘madhahib.’ 4. The ‘Scriptures’ and the ‘interpretation of
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Apparently, he did not hear the complete statement, and he thought he did.

These ahadith are not discriminatory in any way, rather they are an added tool fo guidance to the women
Bukhari (Hayd, 6; Zakat, 44) and Muslim (Eeman 122) reported this Hadith in their books. Evaluating the narration coming from Bazzar, Haythami said that it was trustable (sound). (see Majmau’z-zawaid, 3/118).
It will be useful to explain some points regarding the Hadith:
The Prophet said that hadith to encourage women to give sadaqah, not just to blame them.
-Being in majority does not mean that the number of women will be much greater than men in Hell. The judgment will be true even if there are two women more than men in Hell.
-There are two crimes that women did more than men and those crimes increased the amount of women who will go to Hell. One of those crimes: women curse everything without paying much attention to whether they are men, women, children, things or animals. The other is that they are so ungrateful to people who do good deeds and favors, especially to their husbands. Even if they always receive kindness from a man, they can forget about all of those good deeds and favors if they are exposed to only one unpleasant act.
-After we see the conditions of women in today’s world, we think it is easier to understand that Hadith.

The first point to note is that many scholars agree that the Prophet was merely using humor to urge the ladies to donate

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