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A careers section on a company website holds two distinct roles. First of all, the careers section is meant to be an effective and efficient way to recruit candidates. The second role is to educate the candidate by including employment and career information on the webpage. The careers section is a cost-effective and efficient way of building an applicant pool and attracting candidates to apply for the job. Career websites are usually easy to navigate with ways to search through the job listings including criteria such as location, position, skills, and keyword search. Once the desired job is located, some sites (Fairmont’s Jasper Park Lodge) will have an ‘Apply Online’ link where a resume and cover letter can be attached or pasted into …show more content…
Additionally, since there is considerable ease in applying online from the comfort of your own home, there is a concern that some applicants may be applying simply to see what will happen and they are not seriously interested in the position. Despite these drawbacks, career sections are welcomed because they save companies money when it comes to recruiting. Previous recruiting methods such as job fairs, print advertisements, and employment agencies involve much higher expense. An online application can save the employer and the candidate considerable time. Resumes sent through email are viewed and responded to faster than through the mail applications, which speeds up interview requests, and in turn, the selection process. The applicants are able to view all available positions while cruising the website. Some of these candidates may be ‘passive’ job seekers, who may be currently employed but interested in better career opportunities. These ‘passive’ job seekers tie in nicely to the second role that a company website provides, which is to educate the candidate about the company, about the positions, the career development, the values of the company and additional information that may be useful to the consumer. While most job seekers are in the market for a job, a polished website can attract and stimulate interest in passive job seekers. A career section of a corporate website should

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