Obesity Is A Serious Ailment Essay

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Diabetes is a serious ailment that has become increasingly more prevalent in Saudi Arabia; however, it is more prevalent in obese people. The transformation of lifestyle in Saudi has been a major cause for obesity to be more common. According to The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health, of the people diagnosed with diabetes, obesity prevalence was 44.2%. Providing an interesting link between diabetes and obesity. Change in lifestyle in Saudi Arabia has been brought about by rapid economic development. These including the availability of fast foods in every corner with huge meal serving sizes and lack of healthy alternatives, easy access to cars with reduced physical activity, and the whole transition to sedentary behaviour. People grow up in such an environment where this lifestyle is considered the norm and now diabetes and obesity are of the biggest public health challenge in Saudi Arabia.

Growing numbers of people around the world recognize that obesity and overweight are associated with major health problems. The questioning of the relationship between obesity and diabetes started a long time ago; however, recently the link has been described. Being even slightly overweight increased diabetes risk five times, and being seriously obese increased it 60 times.

This paper attempts to identify and understand the link between obesity and diabetes from a biological perspective. To relate this link to the Saudi Arabia context, will be included studies that were conducted with…

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