Obama For Americ A Case Study Of Ficial Campaign Essays

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4. Solving Our Problem Obama for America was a case study of the official campaign that was set in motion to reelect President Barack Obama in 2012. The goals of this initiative was to encourage supporters, reach and influence voters, and activate supporters to vote on behalf of Obama. Obama enlisted the help of Google Analytics for numerous reasons which included, to make data accessible to all team members for expeditious analysis, testing, and improvement; to access Real Time data in order to gain insight on messages and keywords that resonated with the users during a debate; to used Advanced Segments and Flow Visualization to lead optimization and testing; and lastly, to leverage the API of Google Analytics to deliver daily “Get Put the Vote” conversion reporting systematically to all advertising team members (Obama for America uses Google Analytics., 2013). As we all know, President Barack Obama was successfully reelected in 2012. In the article, Obama for America uses Google Analytics to democratize rapid, data-driven decision making (2013), Nate Lubin, Director of Digital Marketing for Obama for America, stated that, “Google Analytics was an essential tool that empowered our team to make informed decisions that influenced the course of our campaign strategy…Having the data to understand how supporters and swing voters were engaging online was instrumental for doing our part to get President Obama re-elected.” It is evident that Google Analytics played a crucial…

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