Obama Care Essay

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Ashlee Harvey Kaplan University Final College Composition

The topic I am writing about is Obama Care. I chose this topic because while we see it frequently in the news, not many take the time to research it independently more in depth. Topics like abortion, marijuana, and sexual orientation have been exhausted beyond means. Obama care effect more people on a wider scale, where not everyone is affected by a person’s choice of sexual orientation. Obama care affects us as a country as well as individually. I am against Obama Care based on the little print that not everyone takes the time to read. For instance the lax regulations as to
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Yet according to npr.org women in fact need more medical care annually than men do.
According to npr.org women and men care is actually now the same as of April 2014, the care is equal even though women get more care than men do, even when it comes to having babies, and all the care that women need. So as you were able to see before while women and men receive the same quality care, women actually need more medical care than men. So why is it that men pay more for their premiums? Through research I was unable to answer this question, however there has to be an answer to this somewhere. Regardless just given the facts, men are clearly at a disadvantage when it comes to their premiums, until proven otherwise, for no other reason than because they are male. Doesn’t seem logical or moral does it!

many people give much thought as to how all of this affects the pharmaceutical companies. Most are simply satisfied filling and receiving prescriptions without a second thought as to the process behind it all. According to www.fhshealth.org Pharmaceutical companies pay an extra $84.8 billion in fees over the next ten years to pay for closing the "donut hole" in Medicare Part D. This could raise drug costs if they pass this onto consumers. Upon further research into this illusive “donut hole” about.com reports it as being a coverage gap, and one of the most controversial parts of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. In a nut shell it states that you have to

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