Nutrition : A Serious Problem Of Nutrition Essay

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America has a serious problem of nutrition. Improper nutrition is associated with numerous health issues affecting millions in the U.S. These health issues have huge individual and societal costs. By comparing the costs of eating healthy to help curb health issues and the healthcare costs associated with chronic illnesses from an improper diet, we can determine what the microeconomic impact is for a consumer. The first questions we need to address are, what is the cost of a healthy diet and is healthy food something that is available to everyone? Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health used meta analysis of 27 studies compared the costs of healthy diet (lots of vegetables, fruit, leans meats) to that of the costs of an unhealthy diet composed mainly of processed foods such as refined grains deli meats and such. The cost of the healthy diet was about 50 cents more per meal for an average of $1.50 more per day. Multiply that by about one year and a healthy diet costs about $550 more per year per person. For a family of four, that translates into $2200 more per year for a healthy diet. The researchers also looked at the price per calorie and found that getting 200 calories from junk food was usually cheaper than getting 200 calories from a healthy source. The affordability of $550 more per year obviously depends on the income of an individual or family so to some it may sound like a lot, and to others not so much. About 12% of American adults and…

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