Nursing Essay

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|Theoretical Model |Description of Theoretical Model |Type of health care change situation where |
| | |model best applies |
|Process Driven Change |A theory that “suggests that the how of |The health care situation were process |
| |implementation-the manner at which change |driven change may be most effective would |
| |is conceived, introduced and |be adding more doctors to accommodate the |
| |institutionalized-will be
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More revenue is bought in, more |
| |most effective strategy as it relates to |patients are seen and sent on their way and|
| |the transformational efforts of drivers and|everyone wins in this situation. The |
| |shapers of behaviors (Spector, 2010). The |patient technicians bring the patients in, |
| |focus of this theory is to tailor a |get their weight and vital signs and seat |
| |behavioral design that can be both |the patients in their prospective waiting |
| |effective and efficient for the |room to see the doctor. If there is only |
| |organization’s growth, longevity and |one doctor circulating the clinic, which |
| |prosperity as it relates to behavior. |increases the waiting time that each |
| | |patient is sitting and waiting to be seen? |
|Organizational Development (OD) |This form of theory is geared towards |The type of health care change

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