Nursing : A Nursing Professional Essay

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Perioperative Nursing
Welcome to perioperative nursing! A perioperative nurse is a registered nursing professional who specializes in the operating room (OR). A perioperative nurse provides care to patients on a one to one basis before, during and after surgery. They not only work closely with the surgical patient but also the family members and other healthcare professional to help plan, implement and evaluate treatment. As a registered nursing professional in the operating room you have to have a degree in nursing. It is also important to have quality such as assertiveness, the ability stay calm under pressure, be strong minded, and maintain a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach while working alongside the surgical team. The environment in an OR can be fast paced, stressful but rewarding all in one.
Education and Job Requirements
A registered nurse must complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited program, obtain supervised clinical experience in hospital OR and obtain licensure as a registered nurse (Lawson, 2014). Gaining experience working in areas like the emergency or critical care unit can be very helpful prior to working in an OR because these are areas that are often stressful and require nurses to make quick decisions. Registered nurses have the opportunity to become certified nurse operating room (CNOR). This requires a registered nurse to work in an operating room for two years-accruing 2,400 hours of experience…

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