Essay about Nuclear Warfare And Nuclear Weapons

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During his presidency, John F. Kennedy received reports from several sources on the effects of nuclear war with Russia. These statistics were collected by the National Security Council 's Net Evaluation Subcommittee, which was a small, covert organization that were tasked with preparing annual reports on the net damage of nuclear conflicts between the Soviet Union and Russia. All of these statistics were estimations of could have happened if a nuclear war between the United States and Russia started (Introduction Document). Even though these reports are outdated now they can help us with future conflicts between nations that have nuclear weapons. These reports were President 's Kennedy 's first account of the scale of damage a nuclear war with Russia could cause. This would prompt President Kennedy to remark "And we call ourselves the human race". This statement is very important since it shortly summarizes the immoral actions caused by using nuclear weaponry. This statement by President JFK is justifiable because use of nuclear weaponry is inhumane and also works against human dignity and the right to life. The use of nuclear weaponry is able to cause massive amounts of destruction in merely a few seconds. This was seen by many when the first two atomic bombs were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. The atomic bombs power would leave a pile of corpses and rubbles in its wake. If the Soviets and the United States were to go to war and use nuclear…

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