Essay on Nuclear Power Is Not A Solution

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Why Nuclear Power is not a Solution

Nuclear Power is being considered more as an energy source. Nuclear energy is the energy in the nucleus of an atom. Atoms are the smallest particles that can break a material. Each atom there are two kinds of particles: neutrons and protons. This energy can be obtained in two ways: fusion and nuclear fission. In nuclear fusion, atoms fused together forming only one atom, as a sun produce energy. In nuclear fission, atoms break in smaller atoms, only this way all nuclear plants produce energy. Nuclear fusion is not feasible although is in development. Nuclear plants produce energy exactly the same way that thermal power station operating with coal, oil or gas, only providing heat to the water is different because nuclear reactors use the fission reactions of the fuel atoms. This energy can be used in other sectors such as medical, environmental or wartime. (Nuclear Power, April 2014).
As an energy source, many organizations, scientists or even populations agree that nuclear power is a good option as energy because it is a sustainable, affordable and abundant source of energy. However, due to the history of nuclear power, others many organizations disagree that it is good option of energy and think that it is not good for the economy, it is very unhealthy, and there are too many risks for environment. As such, it is not a good source of energy.
Nuclear power is not good economically because the damage costs a lot to the government. Some…

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