Nora 's Sentimentality Of A Doll 's House Essay

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Nora’s Sentimentality in A Doll’s House
In the play “A Doll’s House”, after eight years of marriage to Torvald, Nora realizes that she hasn’t properly known her husband. She realizes after a certain episode in their life that her husband has turned into a complete stranger to her. In this essay, I will explain why and how Nora’s failure can be explained by sentimentality in Jefferson’s sense.
According to Jefferson, sentimentality is the problem of pleasurable or false beliefs. He explains it further saying that it is a kind of misrepresenting the world in order to indulge our feelings. In other words, sentimentality is when someone is describing the world differently than what it actually is because it’s emotionally satisfying to that person, such as wanting to believe something for reasons other than truth.
Sentimentality is what enabled Nora to see some ways in which she can be wrong about Torvald, the person who she thought she loved. It interfered with her knowing the world around her and the people. Nora’s need to believe that the world she lives in and her marriage is wonderful is the result of her sentimentality. Therefore, throughout the eight years she lived with Torvald, Nora wasn’t able to fully understand what her life is all about. This was because she was being a sentimental person, concentrating only on the likable and endearing qualities of her husband, in order to feel unconditionally warm-hearted about him.
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