Essay on No Impact Man By Colin Beavan

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“We feel a malaise and a guilt that at another time in history might have motivated action, but that this time seems instead to be coupled with a terrible sense of helplessness.” -Colin Beavan, No Impact Man, pg. 11

No Impact Man, written by Colin Beavan in 2009, brings up the concern of multiple issues affecting the earth negatively. These issues include the destruction of forests for paper, water pollution, over-consumption, and global warming amongst others. All of these issues are things we are accustomed to hearing about, but have either not educated ourselves on or feel to helpless to act on since the rest of society is nonchalant about our culture. Especially in the United States, people live such fast-paced lives that everything revolves around the usage of time. Why take an hour out of your day to cook a decent dinner, when we could run down to a pizzeria or fast-food restaurant and get the same portion in a fraction of the time? This thought process is the reason that most people are not as worried as they should be with the effects our lifestyle has on the ecosystem of planet Earth. If we were to live sustainability, everything in our culture would have to follow the formula issued by Beavan on page 15 of No Impact Man. That means where we lack in transportation, we would have to make up for in decreasing the use of resources such as paper, water, electricity and food. Our consumer culture would have to change altogether, which seems like an impossible…

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